Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blaze)
Item Prefix: Wyrm
Origin: Central Eurasia
Breakable Parts: Cannon, Back Fin & Tail Fin
Attribute: Blaze
Weak Point: Cannon
Elemental Weakness: Freeze
Elemental Resistance: {{{resistance}}}
HeadingBRelated Species

A fallen Gboro-Gboro inhabiting the desert. Can convert internally stored magma into fireballs, which it launches from a turret. Unlike the standard Fallen Gboro-Gboro, it can swim in magma. First appeared in central Eurasia.

Scorching fog from the turret on its forehead has a wide attack range, so you will suffer a serious decrease in attack power if struck. Fireballs shot from the front will explode on impact.

HeadingBBattle Information
Blade Attacking Tips:
  • Pierce/Short Blades: Focus your attacks on the fang and torso to deal critical and above average damage respectively. Continuously attacking the torso will eventually inflict Down on Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blaze).
  • Sunder/Long Blades: Use freeze elemental bomb/radial Impulse Edge on the arm fins to inflict Down on the Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blaze). Once you run out of OP, you can attack the tail fin until your OP gauge is full again for impulse Edge.
  • Crush/Buster Blades: Use ground triangle attacks or Charge Crush on the cannon. The Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blaze) will stagger for every 2-3 normal hits on the cannon. A single Charge Crush attack to the cannon will always make it stagger.
  • Elemental: All parts of the Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blaze) are weak against the freeze element.
  • The best moment to melee assault a Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blaze) is when they are aiming to shoot their projectiles since it has a very long delay (before and after shooting). Stay away from its front and always be alert after it shoots, as it sometimes attacks with its arm fins for a four-hit combo.
Gun Attacking Tips:
  • Pierce/Assault and Sniper Gun: Focus your shots/laser bullets on the back fin or the torso. Advanced piercing bullets as well as Fallen Gboro-Gboro's own Aragami bullets are very effective when fired at the torso.
  • Crush/Blast Gun: The best target for your bomb/radial bullets would be the arm fins as continuous attacks to this part will inflict Down on Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blaze). Shift your attacks to the cannon once it's unbound as its defense against crush type bullets will significantly decrease.
  • Elemental: Always use freeze elemental bullets when fighting against Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blaze).
Status Resistances:
Condition Resistance Duration
Hold Standard Normal
Poison Standard Normal
Bind Standard Normal
Enraged Effects:
  • Rage Indicator: Red smoke is released from its mouth.
  • When enraged, Fallen Gboro-Gboros (Blaze) become faster, more aggressive and have an increased tendency to rush at his targets and bite them.
  • They can also shoot their projectiles at a much faster rate than normal while enraged; keep this in mind.
  • Whenever they use their four-hit arm fin combo attack while enraged, they will also shoot projectiles from their cannon.
  • Fallen Gboro-Gboro's (Blaze) swirling red fog attack will have a larger area of effect when used while enraged.
Unbounding Tips:
  • Cannon: To break this part with ease, use the Buster Blade's ground triangle, aerial square and/or Charge Crush attacks. Charge Crush is best used when the Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blaze) is down or aiming its cannon at someone else.
  • Back Fin: Freeze elemental shot or laser type bullets are the best way to break the back fin. You can manually aim it or use homing bullets/"Control: Face enemy" modules for easier targeting.
  • Tail Fin: Simply attack this part with freeze elemental Long Blades or Buster Blades with a high sunder attribute.
Other Useful Tips:
  • Weak Points: You can inflict Down on a Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blaze) by continuously attacking the following parts:
    • ​Arm Fins using freeze elemental bomb/radial bullets or Impulse Edge.
    • Torso using melee pierce attacks and/or freeze elemental shot/laser bullets.
  • Fallen Gboro-Gboros (Blaze) usually stagger when their back fin and cannon have been hit by its weaknesses.
  • There is an opening for a devour attack whenever a Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blaze) is aiming for its projectile attacks.
  • When their HP are low, Fallen Gboro Gboros (Blaze) tend to run away by swimming through lava present on the map. Stay away from areas near lava as much as possible.
  • Fallen Gboro-Gboros (Blaze) have average hearing and vision range.
  • Fallen Gboro-Gboros (Blaze) will spam their swirling fog attack whenever the player is on higher ground. The swirling red fog attack can inflict the player with Attack Down.
HeadingBAdditional Information
  • Despite its description saying it can swim in lava, the game code allows all Gboro-Gboro to swim in appropriate transition areas, even though you may only see this version swim in lava.
HeadingBAragami Bullets
Name Attributes Description
3-Way Fire Pierce, Blaze Launches 3 fire shots in a wide fan formation.
Rapid Flame Pierce, Blaze Rapid-fires 3 fire shots in a straight line.
Blast Flame Pierce, Blaze Fires a single fire shot that goes straight up for a split second then homes in on the nearest target, making it very awkward to hit enemies with. Can inflict Bind.


HeadingBDefense Attributes
The numbers below represent the percentage estimate of the Aragami's defense (From 1% to 100%) for the specified attributes. The higher the value, the weaker your attack will be.

Part Gun Blade Elemental
Crush Pierce Sunder Crush Pierce Blaze Freeze Spark Divine
Torso 90 35 80 90 45 90 40 90 90
Fang 80 80 70 90 5 90 30 90 90
Cannon (Unbound) 40 90 60 5 90 90 30 90 90
Back Fin (Unbound) 90 30 80 90 70 90 40 60 90
Arm Fins 30 80 90 90 90 90 40 90 90
Tail Fin (Unbound) 80 70 30 90 90 90 50 90 90

Part Gun Blade Elemental
Crush Pierce Sunder Crush Pierce Blaze Freeze Spark Divine
Torso 90 35 80 90 45 90 40 90 90
Fang 80 80 70 90 5 90 30 90 90
Cannon (Unbound) (5) 90 60 5 90 90 30 90 90
Back Fin (Unbound) 90 (10) 80 90 70 90 40 60 90
Arm Fins 30 80 90 90 90 90 40 90 90
Tail Fin (Unbound) 80 70 30 90 90 90 50 90 90

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