Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Freeze) is a medium sized crocodile-like Aragami and freeze variant of Gboro-Gboro, first introduced in God Eater.

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God Eater 2 Rage Burst/Resurrection

A Type of Gboro-Gboro first discovered in the far northern reaches of Eurasia. It propels the ice it hardens inside its body and fires them incredible distances. Populations of these Aragami have grown explosively in recent years.

The range of the mist it exhales from its snout is large, and breathing it will significantly weaken defense. Be wary of this when fighting up close.

ATK Element : Freeze

Weaknesses : Blaze

Additional Information

  • This fallen species is the strongest of all the Gboro-Gboro variants.
  • In God Eater 2, the Assault Gun's Aragami Bullet can cause Venom infinitely. Its seems that the Aragami Bullet ignore status resistance buff each time an Aragami got a status (like Bind and others).

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