Fallen Ogretails are small, freeze-elemental Aragami. It is the fallen version of a regular Ogretail with increases in both defense and attacks, and with the addition of freeze elemental attacks.

Norn Database

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God Eater Resurrection

A species of Ogretail thought to have adapted to the cold.

For this reason, its skin is thicker, and it shows physical improvement overall. First appeared in the northern part of the American Continent. Unlike the standard Ogretail, it is nearly impervious to ice-based attacks. As its thick skin is vulnerable to heat, one should try a fire element attack

God Eater 2 Rage Burst

An Ogretail adapted to cold climates. Its hide is thicker than the standard Ogretail and its physical abilities are also much higher. Native to the northern areas of North America.

Unlike the normal Ogretail, cold-based attacks are almost totally ineffective. However, its thick hide makes it particularly vulnerable to heat.

ATK Element: Freeze
Weaknesses: Blaze

Additional Information

  • It looks like a standard Ogretail, but it has a darker skin tone and yellowish eyes.

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