HeadingBBattle Information

Blade Attacking Tips:

  • Using any kind of blade with sunder, pierce and/or blaze attribute is effective.
  • It is best to attack from the sides or the back but be cautious of its tail-spinning attack.

Gun Attacking Tips:

  • Firing blaze elemental bullets are effective regardless of the type of bullet used.
  • Targeting this Aragami is very simple as it only has one body part but still exercise caution of its long range needle attack when aiming.

Status Resistances:

Condition Resistance Duration
Hold Standard Normal
Poison Standard Normal
Bind Standard Normal

Other Useful Tips:

  • Fallen Ogretails will fall to the ground after taking a large amount of damage. This gives the player an open opportunity for a devour attack or to deal more damage.
  • Fallen Ogretails have below average visual and auditory senses. They will not immediately detect your presence.
  • Fallen Ogretails will use a ranged needle attack move if you stray too far from them. When binded, their lunge attack is disabled but be careful as they'll resort to continuously firing their ranged needle attack (even when in close range).
  • Fallen Ogretails usually appear with other larger Aragami. When this happens, it’s best that you kill them first as they pose as a hindrance/distraction. You can also devour them before facing the main target to get a free burst and extra Aragami bullets.
HeadingBAragami Bullets

God Eater Burst

Name Attributes Description
3-Way Ice Pierce, Freeze Shoots 3 clusters of ice needles in a wide fan formation.
Spike Ice Needle Pierce, Freeze Shoots a single cluster of ice needles.
HeadingBDefense Attributes

The numbers below represent a percentage estimate of the Aragami's defense (From 1% to 100%) for the specified attributes. The higher the value, the weaker your attack will be.

Part Gun Blade Elemental
Crush Pierce Sunder Crush Pierce Blaze Freeze Spark Divine
Body 30 30 30 50 30 20 90 50 90
HeadingBAragami Materials

God Eater Burst

Pic Name Devour Rates per Difficulty
3 4 5 6 7
Rock Ice Ogre Fang 32.0% 18.0% 18.0% 15.7% 30.9%
Rock Aragami Bone Chip 19.4% 30.0% 30.0% 26.1% -
Rock Aragami Claw 19.4% 25.0% 25.0% 34.8% 30.9%
Beaker Cinnabar 11.7% 12.0% 12.0% 10.4% 18.5%
Rock Ogre Tail 9.7% - - - -
Rock Ogre Helm 7.8% - - - -
Rock Ogre Sharp Tail - 15.0% 15.0% 13.0% 9.9%
Beaker Zinjifrah - - - - 9.9%
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