Fallen Sariel is a large sized harpy-like Aragami and fallen variant of Sariel, first introduced in God Eater.

Norn Database

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God Eater Burst

A fallen Sariel, with a more sinister beauty. Adept at confusing the enemy: overall, very hard to catch off-guard. Said to have originated in northeastern Africa, but as it is highly mobile no one can be sure. As it has more debuff attacks in its arsenal, one should be equipped with anti-debuff skills and items. In some cases, its range of attack can be expanded, so one should find the best position to take during shootouts.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst/Resurrection

This Sariel combines both terror and beauty in one package. It excels at confusing enemies and rarely leaves itself open to attack. It is thought to be native to northeastern Africa, but its mobility makes this point open for debate. With a larger array of debuffs than the standard Sariel, skills or items that can help resist these are recommended. Some attacks have greater range than Sariel's, so be sure to double-check your position before firing.

ATK Element : Divine

Weaknesses : Blaze, Freeze, Spark

Additional Information


  • Fallen Sariel is very similar to its predecessor, but it can inflict more powerful status effects to the player when compared to it, and does so more often; take extra precautions for this.

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