Fallen Zygotes (Blaze) are a subspecies of Zygote known for their fiery attacks and their ability to weaken one's defenses.

Norn Database

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God Eater Resurrection

A fallen Zygote brimming with highly flammable poisonous gas. As the poison can weaken the bond of Oracle Cells adapted to the body, the power of a God Eater is temporarily weakened if inhaled.

If attacked by other Aragami when one's defenses are down, one could be incapacitated instantly. It might be safer to take this one out with gunfire, even if it takes more time.

ATK Element : Blaze
Weaknesses : Freeze, Spark

God Eater 2 Rage Burst


Additional Information

  • Fallen Zygotes (Blaze) are able to inflict a Defense Down status on God Eaters. While nothing more than a nuisance while fighting smaller enemies, it might be problematic when one is facing larger, more powerful Aragami.
  • Their senser are on par with those of a standard Zygote, meaning it is capable of spotting -or hearing- any enemies from great distances.

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