Fallen Zygotes (Freeze) are small, flying Aragami. A subspecies of Zygote, their attacks are capable of slowly draining a God Eater's Oracle Cell reserves.

Norn Database

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God Eater Resurrection

A fallen Zygote thought to have first appeared in the western part of the American continent. Carries a heat-sapping poisonous gas: surrounding temperatures are known to drop just from its presence. If one inhales this gas, Oracle Points will be 'leaked', so take heed. God Eaters who mainly rely on gunfire should take care not to get shot.

ATK Element : Freeze
Weaknesses : Blaze

God Eater 2 Rage Burst

This Zygote was first discovered in the northwestern regions of America. It generates a heat-absorbing poisonous gas, and simply by being present can lower an area's temperature a number of degrees. Inhaling the gas it breathes causes Oracle Points to Leak, slowly trickling out of a God Eater. Gun-focused God Eaters should take great care not to get hit by its gaseous attack.

ATK Element : Freeze
Weaknesses : Blaze

Additional Information

  • Fallen Zygotes (Freeze) can inflict Leak on a God Eater, causing their OP counter to slowly deplete. It might be a problem to God Eaters who rely on ranged attacks.
  • As is the case with all Zygote subspecies, Fallen Zygotes (Freeze) can quickly detect any God Eaters from far away, either by spotting them or by hearing them.

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