False Idol is a flying Medium Sized Aragami introduced in God Eater 3, that has two modes of combat. Primary mode is when it covers the weakpoints by closing the armored shell, thus limiting its own attacks. Secondary mode engages when it enrages, literally dropping defense in order to bring out more dangerous ranged attacks.


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God Eater 3

A new type of mid-sized Aragami that can change its form. Two of these forms have been confirmed: a defensive one, where it withdraws into its shell and erects a barrier that nullifies ranged attacks, and an offensive form, where it opens its shell and launches ranged attacsk. The shell is fragile against gunfire, and once broken it can no longer deploy its barrier. Hit it hard while it's in its offensive form.

Not much is known about its physiology. Further investigation is required.

ATK element: Divine

Weaknesses: Divine

Additional Information


  • A medium-sized Aragami that is constantly floating. Its entire body is covered in strong armor, and it repeatedly changes forms while unleashing various Oracle-based long-distance attacks. Although it is of the Aragami variety that appeared in the Ashlands, it is still considered to be in the process of adapting to the Ashland environment.


  • False Idol has two forms: a defense form where it shuts itself away within its strong armor, and an attack form where its armor expands and it shifts to attack. In its defense form, it erects a barrier that negates shooting attacks, and in its attack form, it makes free use of wide-ranging long-distance attacks. Since the most effective way to fight it differs in each form, ascertaining its current form is the key to victory.

For battle information check the Advanced Information page.


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