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Federico Caruso is a character that appears in God Eater Burst and God Eater Resurrection .


Federico is a God Eater that originally joined the Fenrir Italy Branch. He got transferred from said Branch to the Far East and was and assigned to the 3rd Unit. He is one of the New-Type God Eaters, but he still has trouble changing his God Arc from Blade-form to Gun-form and vice-versa.


God Eater Burst

Federico Caruso (17)
Joined Fenrir Italy Branch in 2071.

Transferred to Fenrir Far East Branch later.

His potential Oracle activity levels are amazingly high. It has not been long since he passed the aptitude test, and his slow reaction to weapon-form changing can still be noticed.

God Arc: Long Blade Sniper (New-Type/Variable)

God Eater 2

Federico Caruso (20 y.o.)
Joined the Fenrir Italian Branch in 2071.
Born: July 26, Height: 178 cm

Has eliminated several new types Aragami. Can activate latent Oracle Cells and maintain his strength, even when faced with strong enemy resonance waves. However, he excels at holding back the Aragami with limited resources, and is expected to become a commander. Once Joined the Far East Branch 3rd Unit for training.

God Arc: 2nd-Generation Long Blade/Sniper Gun


Federico is very cautious and prefers safe tactics during missions. He is also polite and very serious about his work. It also seems as he has yet to experience true combat as he mentions that the Far East's brutal warzone is different from his in Italy.

He is keenly focused on defense and his shield and forgoes high offensive power as opposed to Annette Koenig.

A post-mission bonding scene with Federico also shows that he has a fondness for coffee, and is very meticulous in making a good cup.


Federico has black hair that is tied with a bandana reddish brown eyes.He is typically wearing a multi colored jacket and pants.

Character Relationships

  • Annette Koenig - His close friend in the Far East Branch. While they do get along well with each other, they argue about which tactic is best for dealing aragami, offense or defense.
  • Protagonist(God Eater) - He views him/her as a mentor.
  • Gen Momota - Apparently, Federico follows his teachings a lot and he is heavily influenced by Gen's comments.
  • Reserve Unit/3rd Unit - Not much is known about his relationship with his squad mates due to lack of interaction in both game and manga series.


  • Like it is stated in his description, he changes his God Arc from Gun-to-Sword form significantly slower than Annette does. In-game, this is due to him having the "Clumsy" skill.
  • Unlike Annette Koenig, up to date, his status is unknown, but presumably, he's alive.
  • Due to the eye color customization options, Federico can be created as the player character in God Eater Resurrection.

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