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Fran Françoise Francesca de Bourgogne is a character introduced in God Eater 2. She will be featured in the Operator episodes with the free 1.20 update (Siliconera).


Fran is initially assigned to the Friar and assists the Blood Unit. Later, she is transferred to Far East Branch and works with Hibari as a changeable junior operator.



Fran Francoise Francesca de Bourgogne (16 y.o.)

Joined Friar in 2072.

Born: August 26, Height: 166cm

Friar's operator, in charge of mission control, mission assignment, and processing rewards.

She has not been at Friar long, but her performance at stellar and her mistakes few. She has expertly handled emergencies and encounters with new Aragami on several occasions.

Fran: 2

Transferred to the Fenrir Far East Branch in 2074.

Was moved to the Fenrir Far East Branch once Friar dedicated its entire facility to God Arc Soldier upgrades and to the running of an intensive care unit for black plague patients.


She is usually has a calm and composed behavior and is commented by several people in Anagura as having a "cool" personality exerting from her. In post main scenario, Fran says that she feels at ease having a senior operator to work with.


Fran is a young lady with short blond hair and light green eyes. She wears an operator uniform which consists of a sleeveless dress, a small red ribbon and a corset type vest. She also wears gloves, a pair of socks that go above her knee and a pair of red mary jane shoes.

Character Relationships


  • Despite her typically calm personality, post main scenario, Fran is occasionally revealed to be playful to the Anagura pet Capybara and becomes embarrassed (on the communicator during mission clear countdowns). 
  • Notably, her operator uniform is sleeveless and her skirt is shorter compared to the commonly seen operator uniforms (like Hibari's, Sakuya's, and those shown in other media).
  • Suzume was meant to be a new operator of Friar after Fran has been transferred to the Far East Branch, though this idea was scrapped during the game development of God Eater 2.

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