Fuyuhiko Inukai is a character introduced in God Eater 3. He was a member of Gleipnir's Advanced Oracle Weaponry R&D Division.



A member of Gleipnir's Advanced Oracle Weaponry R&D Division.

Doctor Inukai is the head scientist in charge of research on humanoid Aragami. Originally, the container Gleipnir tasked the Chrysanthemum with transporting was slated to be handed over at their headquarters, but Doctor Inukai sezed the cargo ahead of schedule, temporarily sending the ship into a state of high tension.

Schemed to frame the Chrysanthemum crew as traitors and pawns of the Crimson Queen. However, his plot was uncovered, exposed and stopped by the Chrysanthemum's owner and Governor-General Gadolin, Doctor Inukai has since been stripped of his position and authority.

Addendum: All's well that ends well, am i right?!



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