Geese Crimson is the protagonist of the light novel God Eater: Those Who Break Taboo. Geese is childhood friends with Marguerite Claverie and calls her by the nickname of "Marie". He mysteriously disappeared after participating in a God Arc Soldier experiment onboard Friar prior to the events of God Eater: -the 2nd break-.


God Eater: Those Who Break Taboo

Geese was a God Eater working for a special group called Asasoru. After defeating the Golden Susano'o, Geese and Marguerite escaped from Fenrir's control to live their lives freely despite being fugitives. Lindow Amamiya helped them by falsely reporting them as killed in action against the Golden Susano'o. However, Geese's P53 Bias Factor deficiency led them to seek asylum under Fenrir again in the form of the passing Friar, where Marguerite became a God Eater while Geese participated in a God Arc Soldier experiment to earn keep in the base because he did not have his God Arc. While Marguerite was helping out with transporting God Arc Soldiers, Geese disappeared during one of the experiments, which led Marguerite to flee the Friar to find him. His current whereabouts and status appear to be unknown.

God Eater -the 2nd break-

In the 7th chapter, an unstable God Arc Soldier who fought against the Chi-You was actually Geese himself. His fate is left currently unknown as the God Arc Soldier was soon taken away by its Fenrir engineers.


Geese appeared in Episode 11 along with Haruomi Makabe, Kate Laurie, and several God Eaters from another branches to join in Operation Meteorite.



Character Relationships


  • Geese's God Arc is made of Susano'o materials. He does not have his God Arc on hand after the events of Taboo.
  • Geese gave a ring to Marguerite as a present as shown in -the 2nd break; indicative of their recent intimate relationship as she wears the ring on her left hand's ring finger.
  • He calls Marguerite by the nickname "Marie."
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