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Gen Momota is a minor character in God Eater Burst. He returned as a backup character in God Eater Resurrection.


Gen is a veteran and the only survivor from the first batch of God Eaters. He was one of the first God Eaters to retire, but nevertheless remains a fixture in Fenrir, giving trusted advice to newer generations of God Eaters.


Gen Momota (62)
Fenrir Far East Branch Gods Eater Advisor. A former Gods Eater from the regular army.

Post Rank: Captain

Chosen as a match when the Pistol-shaped God Arc was developed. The sole survivor of the first crop of Gods Eaters.

The first to volunteer as a match from the regular army. As a former soldier, he is knowledgeable about various close-combat.

God Arc: Pistol (older model/long-distance)


Based on the in-game interaction, Gen seems to be a friendly old man who gives trusted info about aragamis, as well as battle strategies and knowledge to god arc equipment. He likes to treat your avatar whenever he/she accomplishes a mission.

Character Relationships

  • Federico Caruso - Gen often gives advice to him, and he returns it by holding Gen in high regard.


  • Gen is mentioned in God Eater -the 2nd break- when Yakumo Ashihara showed Alisa a picture of Gen in his regular army days.
  • Gen's God Arc armlet has been sealed after his retirement from the front lines to an instructor.
  • Using basic math (from the Story Chronology); Gen would have been born in 2009. Meaning now in 2020 He would be 11 years old.
  • When your Bond Break Reward for Gen fully increases, Gen will have a friendly conversation with the Protagonist as he talks about his past

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