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Glacial Ra is an Adaptive Aragami variant of the Ashborn Ra. Like Ra, it has a body that looks to fuse a bird’s head with a celestial globe and human, except that it is blue in color instead of orange. It carries small glacial suns in both hands and will give anyone who approaches a glacial nightmare. Like its Ashborn counterpart, it usually moves while floating along leisurely, but when it finds a target, it uses the boosters on its back to rush forward and swoop down on its enemy. Ra’s devour ability changes the glacial suns it carries in both hands into a devour form before throwing them at its target. When it enters the Burst state, all of its energy amplifies, it wears wings of icy fire, and it can fire even stronger frozen flames.
NORN Database
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God Eater 3

An Adaptive Aragami that evolved to manipulate absolute zero temperatures.
Encountered in Level 3 Restricted Ash Zones.

In addition to attacks with massive ice clumps in its hands, it has also been observed to fire the frigid air produced in the endothermic kiln on its lower body.

It toys with God Eaters by scattering traps of frozen air across the battlefield that explode after a brief time or when touched.

-Summary of Activated Abilities/Devour Attacks
Its agility increases and, just like the Ashborn Ra, it gains the ability to hurl its maw-like ice clumps in an attempt to devour its target. After Bursting, the number of frozen traps it places greatly increases, so do not forget to keep an eye on both it and your surroundings.

Breakable Bonds: Head/Arms/Endothermic Kiln

Additional Information

Music Theme

  • Nemesis


  • Glacial Ra is found in Assault Missions "Operation Fallen Sun" and "Operation Ice Blight".
  • Glacial Ra is the first Adaptive Aragami to be encountered in an orderly fashion.
  • Like the other members of its family, its speciesis based from the Egyptian Deity Ra, the God of the Sun.
  • Like its normal counterpart, Glacial Ra doesn’t have any weakspots in its normal mode.
  • The Ra family used to be the Ashborn family with the most variants from the release of certification missions until Ash Storm Anubis was released, having 3 in total.
  • Glacial Ra shares the same music theme from the other members of its family.

For battle information check the Advanced Information page.


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