The God Arc Soldiers (AKA DEMAS, abbreviation of Deus Ex Machina Artificial Soldier)are mechanical beings developed by Fenrir to combat the Aragami threat.

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God Eater 2 Rage Burst

Blade Arc Soldier:

An unmanned anti-Aragmi weapon. Under Captain Julius Visconti's guidance, the body specs have been pushed to thier limits and fighthing abilities exceed those of a normal God Eater. It can change its armaments and is most skilled with the speed and flexibility of the Long Blade. Watch its movement to avoid its fast Multitude of attacks

ATK Element: None

Weaknesses: Blaze, Freeze, Spark, Divine

Buster Arc Soldier:

An unmaned anti-Aragami weapon. Under Captain Julius Viscont's guidance, the body specs have been pushed to thier limits and fighting abilities exceed those of a normal God Eater. It can change its armaments and is most skilled with a wide-ranged Buster Blade. Be wary of its attack that resembles the Buster Blade's Charge Crushas it is extremely powerful

ATK Element: Blaze, Freeze, Spark, Divine

Additional Information


  • These artificial warriors were Fenrir 's solution to fighting Aragami without the loss of human life, thus minimizing the need for God Eaters.
  • Fenrir has a commercial on television about gaining recruits for the God Arc Soldiers' research group with the virtual idol pop-star Cypres leading the commercials.
  • It is said that the creation of these machines involves experimentation on humans, both normal humans and God Eaters.
  • God Arc Soldiers can be operated remotely thus eliminating the need to enter the battlefield, however they can also be ridden internally as armors by compatible DEMAS Riders (However this only happens in cutscenes and not gameplay),
  • Dr. Rachel Claudius has control over the God Arc Soldiers while Dr. Leah Claudius is the chief on God Arc Soldier research.
  • There are 2 variants of the God Arc Soldier: the Buster Blade variant uses fierce attacks and can generate a Charge Crush aura with their blades.The Long Blade variant focuses on lighter and faster attacks. They are called Buster Arc Soldiers and Blade Arc Soldiers respectively.
  • There is a prototype version of the God Arc Soldier created by Dr. Leah Claudius, the God Arc Soldier Version Zero.
  • The God Arc Soldiers are armed with weapons that closely resemble New-Type God Eaters' God Arcs.
  • There is a red variant, the Rampage God Arc Soldier, which is the result of the God Arc Soldier's oracle cells going berserk and causing a loss of control. Similarly, a further evolved variant, the Silver God Arc Soldier, can be found in the 1.40 update's survival missions.
  • God Arc Soldiers, especially Rampage God Arc Soldiers, are not to confused with Yaksha Rajas; both kinds of God Arc Soldiers are manufactured by Fenrir, while Yaksha Rajas are naturally born from possessing God Eaters' genetic material.
  • They have the ability to slowly track players.

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