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The prototype of the God Arc Soldiers. Dr. Leah Claudius' first creation. It is a bizzare deformation of a being and resembles an Aragami more than a machine. It can generate a Buster Blade aura with its front feet and will actively attack nearby characters. It can fire electric spheres and lasers from its chest armor and mouth respectively, and can create electrical shockwaves by slamming its front feet on the ground.

Norn Database

The following information can also be found via descriptions of the Aragami found in the NORN Terminal's database.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst

The first God Arc Soldier prototype created by Dr.Leah Claudius.Being a prototoype, component sizes have not been reduced, and it is incredibly large The majority of its body is made up of Oracle Cells and, as a result, is somewhat soft to the touch. Its speed belies its large size. Combining its built-in armament and Oracle control ability, it has access to a plethora of attack methods. Destroy each part and focus on weakening it

ATK Element: Spark, Divine

Weakness: Blaze, Freeze

Additional Information


  • Dr. Rachel used this prototype to kill her father who was a threat to her human experiments. Blood defeated it during the final showdown with Rachel.
  • The God Arc Soldier Zero superficially resembles a Demiurge in body structure. In spite of this, in addition to its arms being larger and more spread out, it moves far more quickly and fiercely, shares none of the Demiurge's attacks, and its chest, unlike the Demiurge, is a critical weak point.

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