Non-Canon: Some events or details in this article, may be considered non-canon to the God Eater continuity.

God Eater: The Spiral Fate is a manga that offers an alternate reality to the main continuity of the God Eater series, since the protagonist is Ryo Kagami, not Yuu Kannagi.


It's 2071 and Earth as we know it is in ruins ruled by Wild Gods, the "Aragami". Set after half a year in the original game story, Ryo Kagami, leader of Far East Branch's 1st Unit, travels from Finland to return to what was formerly called Japan.


Sub Characters




Volume 1

  • Chapter 1: The Return
  • Chapter 2: The Loss
  • Chapter 3: Charge
  • Chapter 4: The Evolution
  • Chapter 5: A Secret I
  • Chapter 5.5: A Secret II
  • Chapter 6: New Style
  • Chapter 7: Awakening
  • Chapter 7.5 Bonus Track 1: Sunny Hearts Club Band

Volume 2

  • Chapter 8: Determination
  • Chapter 9: Reunion


  • Spiral Fate might not be considered "canon" in God Eater series, due to the protagonist Ryo Kagami conflicting with Yuu Kannagi who is the canon Burst protagonist in the GE media continuity (Yuu appears in Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Summer Wars and more media adaptations). This non-canon status may be further proven as there is a manga-only fact that Sakuya discovers she expects a baby of Lindow after his "death" in the Moon in the Welkin mission. This inclusion, however, may be explained by the author's own personal inclusion of it before God Eater Burst's storyline came out, and also makes Ryo as a chronological first protagonist in the game. At the time there also were few or no other works concerning the name "Yuu Kannagi" or any specified protagonist of the first game, thus resulting in the usage of a God Eater story continuity non-canon name.
  • The female protagonist, Aki Tamashiro, also made a very short appearance in chapter 3.


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