The God Eaters are the titular group of characters in God Eater Burst and God Eater 2. Like the God Arc and the Aragami, they play an important part in the game's story and gameplay.


God Eaters are humans capable of controlling God Arcs and use it against the Aragami.
They are Fenrir's last line of defense against these monsters.

Far East Branch Members and Teams


The 1st Unit


The 2nd Unit


The 3rd Unit

Note: These ranks are based on Challenge Rank.

In Fenrir's Far East Branch, there are three notable teams, or Units;
the 1st Unit (Retaliation Team), the 2nd Unit (Defense Team), and the 3rd Unit (which is not seen in the game but most likely to be a reserve unit). There was also a 7th Unit mentioned but its members remain unknown as the unit itself only had a single mention during the course of the game.

The following members in each unit, along with their classes and God Eater types and weapons, are:

1st Unit (Retaliation Team)

  • The Protagonist (Retaliation Leader/Any class in Lieutenant Rank) (New-Type/Variable Weapon Combinations)
  • Lindow Amamiya (Former Leader/Corporal) (Old-Type/Long Blade) (New-Type/Assault Gun/Long Blade)
  • Alisa Amiella (Sniper Private) (New-Type/Assault Gun/Long Blade)

2nd Unit (Defense Team)

  • Tatsumi O'Mori (Defense Leader/Guard Corporal) (Old-Type/Short Blade)

3rd Unit (Reserve Team)

  • Shun Ogawa (Scout Sergeant) (Old-Type/Long Blade)

Unnamed Unit

Special Forces Blood Members and Teams

Physical Abilities

God Eaters have high durability has shown in both opening movies were they are seen being launched into concrete buildings. And are able to take a nuclear blast at close range (Shown in the promotional video). Also they are able to survive falls from extremely high places (As shown in the promotional video). God Eaters also have high reflexes as shown by Soma who dodged the tail of a Borg Camlann multiple times (Again shown in the promotional video). Increased strength is the God Eater's most useful ability, allowing they to swing their God Arcs with ease. All of these skills can be doubled when a God Eater enters burst mode after taking an Aragami bullet.

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