Unlike the previous game and the remake, class types are removed to favor weapon labels.

The units that appear in God Eater 2, with their members, ranks and weapon labels are the following:

Special Forces Blood

Note: All Blood members are recorded as 3rd Generation God Arc users in the NORN.

1st Unit

4th Unit

Unknown Affliation

  • Kigurumi - (New-Type/Unknown Generation/Shotgun/Short Blade)

Former Affiliation (Fenrir Far East Branch)


2nd Unit (Reformed)

3rd Unit (Reformed)

Fenrir Glasgow Branch (Former Affiliations)

! - Kate is recognized as having an Old-Type God Arc prior to making use of the New-Type God Arc she is seen with.

Fenrir Singapore Branch

  • Carie Yue - (New-Type/2nd Generation/Shotgun/Short Blade)

Fenrir Marseille Branch

Fenrir Rio de Janeiro Branch

  • Ines Almeida - (New-Type/2nd Generation/Blast Gun/Charge Spear)
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