In Fenrir, God Eaters are divided in units. In the Far East Branch, Units are named with ordinal numbers. There are three notable Units;
the 1st Unit (Retaliation Team), the 2nd Unit (Defense Team), and the 3rd Unit (whose original purpose is to defend Aegis Island, but most likely became a Research/Reserve Unit). There was also a 7th Unit mentioned but its members remain unknown as the unit itself only had a single mention during the course of the game (although it is heavily implied that the 7th Unit is actually just a cover for Lindow Amamiya when he goes to secret missions). Note: These ranks are those that appear after completion of the Burst story arc of God Eater Burst.

The members in each unit, along with their classes, God Eater types and weapons, are:

1st Unit (Retaliation Team)


The 1st Unit

  • Protagonist (God Eater) - (Retaliation Leader/Any class in Lieutenant Rank), (New-Type/2nd Generation/Variable Weapon Combinations)
    • Yuu Kannagi - (Retaliation Leader/Any class in Lieutenant Rank), (New-Type/2nd Generation/Assault Gun/Long Blade)
    • Aki Tamashiro - (Retaliation Leader/Any class in Lieutenant Rank), (New-Type/2nd Generation/Assault Gun/Long Blade)
  • Lindow Amamiya - (Former Leader/Corporal), (Old-Type/1st Generation/Long Blade), (New-Type/Unknown Generation/Assault Gun/Long Blade)
  • Sakuya Tachibana - (Sub Leader/Medic Corporal), (Old-Type/1st Generation/Sniper Gun)
  • Soma Schicksal - (Assault Corporal), (Old-Type/1st Generation/Buster Blade)
  • Kota Fujiki - (Scout Sergeant), (Old-Type/1st Generation/Assault Gun)
  • Alisa Amiella - (Sniper Private), (New-Type/2nd Generation/Assault Gun/Long Blade)

2nd Unit (Defense Team)


The 2nd Unit

  • Tatsumi O'Mori - (Defense Leader/Guard Corporal), (Old-Type/1st Generation/Short Blade)
  • Brendan Bardell - (Sub Leader/Assault Sergeant), (Old-Type/1st Generation/Buster Blade)
  • Kanon Daiba - (Medic Private), (Old-Type/1st Generation/Blast Gun)
  • Annette Koenig - (Recruit), (New-Type/2nd Generation/Assault Gun/Buster Blade)

3rd Unit (Research/Reserve Team)


The 3rd Unit

  • Shun Ogawa - (Scout Sergeant), (Old-Type/1st Generation/Long Blade)
  • Karel Schneider - (Sniper Sergeant), (Old-Type/1st Generation/Assault Gun)
  • Gina Dickinson - (Sniper Sergeant), (Old-Type/1st Generation/Sniper Gun)
  • Federico Caruso - (Recruit), (New-Type/2nd Generation/Sniper Gun/Long Blade)

Unknown Unit


  • Shio - (Aragami Girl), (New-Type/??? Generation/Assault Gun/Short Blade)
  • Ren - (God Eater Soul), (New-Type/2nd Generation/Sniper Gun/Short Blade)
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