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God Eater Mobile (ゴッドイーター モバイル) is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Mobage-town.


Players create a character and hunt Aragami, just like the God Eater series. The difference in this game is on cellphone and it uses a cash for items system. Being a mobile phone game, God Eater Mobile has simplified controls and a modified battle system. Players are encouraged to work together with friends that play different roles (attacker, healer, and defender) in combat to clear missions. The game also has an original story to follow which will launch with the game in late November.


Ep No. English title Japanese title Release date
01 Advent of the Bestial Gods 獣神降臨
02 Turning Point 転機
03 Emergency Call 緊急招集
04 Silence 沈黙
05 Turbulent Gods 荒ブル神々


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