GOD EATER (ゴッドイーター) プロモーションアニメ

GOD EATER (ゴッドイーター) プロモーションアニメ

God Eater Prologue is an animated promotion video for the original God Eater game released by Namco Bandai.


The video takes place in 2065 at the former Russian territories in the Asian-European continent. Johannes von Schicksal has sent three first generation God Eaters, Soma Schicksal, Lindow Amamiya, and Tsubaki Amamiya to assist the Russian Regular Army in a obliteration operation to rid of Aragami.



  • Soma's God Arc handle color is a whiter color in the ending of the video when compared to its darker color at the start of it.
  • Shio appeared in the end of the video.
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