Godot Valentine is a character introduced in God Eater Online. He is the Captain of the First Unit of the Fenrir Himalayan Branch, where the player character is stationed.

He is efficient and doesn't dawdle on the field, and is known to resort to shortchanging or making convenient excuses to ease things (such as the Protagonist wielding an illegal Arc). He has interest in the abandoned Fenrir base at the Himalayan branch, and leads his team there to investigate.

He seems to shirk duty at times and has his 'time for hobbies', but puts in all his effort in leading his team when it really matters. This is a subject of displeasure to Karena. He rushes in to combat the Kubera alone in order to preserve the safety of the staff and civilians. After the Branch Director flees, he appoints himself the Acting Director and the Protagonist as 1st Unit Leader.

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