Goh Baran is a character introduced in God Eater 3. He is an Adaptive God Eater that belongs to the port of Baran, and Lulu's master.



An AGE and covert operative from Baran who trained Lulu during her time there.

Lulu confessed that he infiltrated this vessel on multiple occasions to contact her, offering depths beacon information in exchange for handing over Phym. It is likely he will bear some responsibility for his traitorous actions toward Baran and be punished accordingly.

In the mission to improve lives of AGEs, an investigation into Baran resulted in the discovery of numerous cases of mistreatment of AGEs. A telegram sent to Lulu revealed that because of his traitorous actions, orders were given to dispose of Goh, but the execution of these orders was interrupted by the investigation, and he was set free.



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