Golden Gboro-Gboro is a medium sized crocodile-like Aragami and golden variant of Gboro-Gboro, first introduced in God Eater as a DLC Aragami.

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God Eater 2 Rage Burst/Resurrection

A rare species of Gboro-Gboro that glimmers golden. Why is still a mystery, but it is exceptionnally weak and brittle. Be sure to break its bonds with precise attacks before finishing off.

Materials that can be obtained from it are, unlike other Gboro-Gboro, mostly metals. There is a superstition among God Eaters that those who encounter one will find true happiness.

ATK Element: None

Weaknesses: Blaze, Freeze, Spark, Divine

Additional Information

  • It does not drop Gboro-Gboro materials; instead it drops salvaged materials.
  • All breakable parts of previous Gboro-Gboro you may have fought are all breakable on this breed. Doing so, however, is considered very difficult since you're most likely meeting it with very powerful weapons. To break all of its parts and maximize rewards, take a Rank 1 Assault Gun and O-Ampules to shoot down its parts. Since this is a much easier way than trying to slash the parts off, you'll reap better rewards.
  • Golden Gboro-Gboros have the weakest attack and defense of all of the Aragami present in God Eater series.

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