Golden Vajra (金色のヴァジュラ) is a unique Aragami appearing only in the 1.40 update's Brilliant Divinity (煥然たる神威) and Nirvana Trail survival missions of God Eater 2, as well as select survival missions in God Eater 2 Rage Burst.


Music Theme

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Battle Information

Aragami Bullets

Defense Attributes

Aragami Materials


  • Although it moves considerably faster and hits harder than a normal Vajra, it is still a Vajra at its core and thus is predictable and can be goaded much like its normal counterpart. Its electric attack size variant differs from the original and is relatively simple to dodge.
  • However, upon entering Enraged status, it receives an enormous boost in movement and attack speed.
  • Its electric spheres volley attack changed to the electric spheres charge up around its body (similar to Dyaus Pita (God Eater Resurrection) when its blade wings form).

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