Snipah Pistola-de-asalto.png.png Blast-gun
GunIcon1 Sniper Gun GunIcon2 Assault Gun GunIcon3 Blast Gun
Shotgun Bullet-Edit02 Blood Bullet
GunIcon5 Shotgun GunIcon4 Bullets GunIcon6 Blood Bullets

Guns are a part of your God Arc. They require Oracle Points in order to fire bullets that can be found in Bullet Editor. So far in the God Eater series, we're given Sniper Gun, Assault Gun, Blast Gun and Shotgun. Each gun has their own specialty after the release of God Eater 2. Sniper Guns have the ability to become hidden from Aragami for an indefinite time, Assault Guns can hop back and fire for a long distance, Blast Guns have access to Oracle Reserve and Shotguns can hop forward but can be canceled into an action(Such as firing shotgun pellets or rolling)

Here's a list of the type of Guns available