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Hannibal is a large dragon-like Aragami first introduced in God Eater Burst, known for its ability to breath fire and wreak destruction, especially once its scale is broken and its fiery wings sprout.
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The following information is taken from the official in-game descriptions of the Aragami found in the NORN Terminal's database.
God Eater Resurrection & God Eater 2 Rage Burst
A new species of Aragami first discovered at the Far East Branch. It looks like a dragon and can regenerate without a core. The martial moves and ability to form weapons with fire is strangely similar to human behavior. The dorsal hump contains large amount of heat energy that will emit great amounts of fire attacks when damaged. Destroy the head or bracer on the left arm to lower its defense for a sure win.

ATK Element : Blaze

Weaknesses : Freeze, Spark

God Eater 3

A large Aragami that looks like a man/dragon hybrid.

Extremely nimble, it controls weaponized flames and moves like a human being. The scales on its back store vast amounts of heat energy. When destroyed, it unleashes a powerful flame attack. Those seeking perfection are advised to weaken its defenses by breaking the horns on its head and its gauntleted left arm.

ATK Element : Blaze

Weaknesses : Freeze, Spark

Additional Information
Music Theme
  • Merciless King


  • Hannibal is the flagship monster of God Eater Burst. It is implied that it is an offshoot result of Lindow's transformation into a Corrosive Hannibal.
  • It has an organ that can generate a new core soon after the original one is removed, making it impossible to defeat (story-wise) until Sakaki invents an antibody, designed to destroy or stop this organ from functioning. In-game, it can be killed, but it revives in a cutscene after its first fight.
  • Hannibal has its wrist attached to its left arm while Corrosive Hannibal has it on its right arm.
  • Hannibal's back scale is themed after the Gekirin, or Reverse Scale of dragons in real-life mythology. This particular scale points in the opposite direction of the other scales on a dragon's back (According to old myths, the scale is 1/81, or one in 81). Should it be touched or damaged in some way, the dragon will go crazy and kill the person who touched the scale. This happens to be how Hannibal's back scale works. Destroying it means it gains its rage mode attacks and the small ring of fire that happens to work as deco-wings.

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