Haruomi Makabe is a character introduced in God Eater 2. He's the leader of the 4th Unit consisting of only Kanon Daiba and himself. His nickname is "Haru" and he's called that way by everyone in Far East Branch.


God Eater 2

Haruomi is a veteran in combat and formerly was stationed at the Fenrir Glasgow Branch with his lover Kate Lawry and his friend Gilbert McLane before the Rufus Caligula incident which ended in Kate's death. The Glasgow Branch during that time consisted only of these three New-Type God Eaters. After 3 years, Haruomi is reunited with Gilbert and meets the Protagonist when the Friar visits Anagura. After the reappearance of the Rufus Caligula, the three hunt it down and defeat it. Haruomi has been shown to teach Kanon about combat but pushed the duty of teaching onto the Protagonist. He assists Blood along with 1st Unit in the operation to stop the new Singularity, the Person Who Opens the World, by restraining its growth outside the Friar.


Haruomi appeared in Episode 11 along with Geese Crimson, Kate Laurie, and several God Eaters from another branches to join in Operation Meteorite.



Haruomi has many connections to women in different branches and is known to be perverted yet friendly in his behavior. Gilbert has mentioned Haruomi's trouble-making past record of sexual harassment.


Character Relationships

  • Teruomi Makabe - Haruomi's younger brother, who is one of the two new operators in Another Episode.
  • Protagonist (God Eater 2) - The dynamic between him and the protagonist in his Character Episode changes depending on their gender. If the protagonist is male, they often share rather mutual interest in the subject matter. If the protagonist is female, he tries to impress her with what he likes, only to have her say no or ask him to have someone else show off that preference each time.


  • His Blood Art is the step attack, Slash Raid.
  • Haruomi's Character Episodes are humorously about his leg fetish. Several guest characters Carie Yue, Camille Rembrandt, and Inez Almeida are introduced during his Episodes.
  • In Japanese, His nickname "Haru" means "springtime", "sun/sunlight" or "clear up".

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