Havakiri is a Medium sized Aragami introduced in God Eater 3

When it sees a target, it boosts forward with incredible speed using its leg rockets and attacks with electricity-fused arm blades. This has lent it the name of “Swordswoman of the Ashlands”. However, even at long ranges, it can still surprise players with long distance electricity lasers, and Famitsu also shows an attack where a lock-on reticule shows up to target the player. As a result, it’s best not to let one's guard down, no matter what distance it’s at.


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God Eater 3

A mid-sized Aragami that closely resembles the ancient samurai of the Far East.

A Havakiri has a leg organ that generates electricity, which it uses to aid its movement and attacks. Not only can it electrify its sword, but it can also fire electric projetiles. This ability to attack at any range makes it a difficult foe if you can't anticipate its movements.

Prioritizing attacks on its boosters is wise, as breaking them will greatly reduce its mobility.

ATK Element: Spark

Weaknesses: Blaze

Additional Information

  • Ama-no-Habakiri (or Ame-no-Habakiri) is, in Japanese mythology, one of the names of a blade wielded by the god Susano'o, the one he used to kill the 8 headed dragon, Orochi.
  • This Aragami had been nerfed upon the release of the 1.2 version of God Eater 3, reducing it's speed and making it more fair to judge it's attacks.
  • The Item prefixes you can earn from a Havakiri also hint towards samurais. Bushi is from Bushido or the way of the blade, often used as a code of honor for samurai and the Ronin is an ownerless samurai.

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