Hera is a deusphage and medium sized bird-like Aragami resembling a Chi-You, first introduced in God Eater. Just like all deusphage Aragami, it was introduced via DLC content. The Hera is a regular Aragami in God Eater Burst, but only these games have them appear.

Norn Database

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God Eater Burst

A Type 2 Deusphage derived from the Chi-You. Possibly because of Oracle effects, the joints in its winged arms and legs are always glowing. It can crush any metals with ease.

It uses fire-based attacks such as the homing fireball. The wings are durable, but as with all Chi-You, its head is weak to piercing bullets and lower body to crushing. Snipe with lasers.

Additional Information

  • Music Theme: The Gods' Feast
  • Hera's materials are used exclusively for making the Famitsu uniform set. Being a collaboration with Famitsu Magazine, this Aragami does not appear in God Eater 2.
  • Hera is the Goddess of Marriage and Monogamy, and the Archenemy of the woman lovers and/or bastard children of her husband/brother Zeus in the Greek Mythology.
  • Hera and Sekhmet have the exact same attack patterns, status resistances and defense attributes.

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