Welcome to our Caravan. This is the Ash Crawler Chrysanthemum.

Hilda Henriquez is a character introduced in God Eater 3. She's the owner of the Ash Crawler Chrysanthemum. She runs the port of the same name through the transportation of goods and reclamation of new transportation routes in the Ashlands.


During a cargo transportation job commissioned by Gleipnir, she happens to be present when the port Pennywort is engulfed by an ash storm, and encounters the protagonist and company.



Hilda Henriquez (28 years old)
The owner of port Chrysanthemum.

Born: October 8, Height: 180 cm
Her private Ash Crawler primarily operates as a transport vessel, but also regularly seeks to discover and develop new transport routes. Her late father was a leading scientist who studied Oracle communication theory, and his research formed the foundation for the technology that made the beacon-based network possible.

Hilda: 2

Hilda Henriquez (28 years old)
The owner of port Chrysanthemum.

Hilda runs an orphanage at Port Chrysanthemum, taking in and raising children without anyone to care for them. All the children at the orphanage see her as a mother figure.

Hilda: 3

Hilda Henriquez (28 years old)
Owner of Port Chrysanthemum.

She provides complete support for her AGEs who wish to establish a Port of their own. Since the Miracle of Ervasti, she has been busy working to improve the lives of child AGEs and other orphans in Northern Europe, establishing AGE-support associations, and fostering communication with and by AGEs.

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