Ines Almeida is a God Eater featured exclusively in one of Haruomi's Character Episodes, specifically the one that focus on his leg fetish.


Ines hails from the Fenrir Rio de Janeiro Branch. She visited Fenrir Far East Branch, only for one specific mission with Haruomi and the Protagonist.


Ines Almeida (28 y.o.)

Joined the Fenrir Russian Branch in 2065.

Transferred to the Rio de Janeiro Branch in 2071.

Born: October 4, Height: 173cm

Currently travelling through Asia as an observer. Thought to be a spy for HQ; many branches restrict her access. However, her true purpose is unknown.

God Arc: 2nd Generation Charge Spear/Blast Gun



Ines has short light-orange hair and bluish-green eyes. She wears the Sunny Coat Top matched with Purely Cupid Bottom. Her God Arc is a New-Type, consisting of the Shock Pike Variant Scythe, Type 320X Blast Gun, and a yellow-variant of the Resistor Tower Shield.

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  • Inez is an American spelling of the Spanish and Portuguese name Inés/Inês, when translated to Greek, It will be written as Agnes/hagnē which means "pure" or "holy".
  • Ines is currently the oldest female God Eater that still active in combat duties.
  • Ines' hairstyle is available in God Eater Resurrection, where one can create her as a player character.
  • Ines has a unique eye color and cannot be selected in character creation. This is the same exact eye color that Aki Tamashiro had in Pachi-Slot God Eater.

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