Jephthah Claudius

Jephthah Claudius is Dr. Rachel and Dr. Leah's father. He had red hair and a mustache with an unusual style. His wife when died when their children were very young.

After discovering Rachel's experiments on children at the Magnolia Compass orphanage and finding himself disgusted with her immoral behavior, he was soon killed by a God Arc Soldier Version Zero at the front of his mansion before he was able to expose Rachel's deadly intentions for her orphanage's children.

NORN Entries

Dr. Jepthah

Jepthah Claudius (Deceased, aged 53)

Dr. Leah's and Rachel's father. Was the project leader fro the development of autonomous God Arc Soldiers at Fenrir HQ. A specialist in Oracle Actualization technology. On a trip outside his base in 2071, he was assaulted by an unidentified Aragami and killed. Dr. Leah inherited all of his duties relating God Arc Soldiers research after his death.


  • He is a nobleman, not just in status, but in attitude as well, taking the Latin phrase "noblesse oblige" as his family's general manner of conduct (shown in cutscene).
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