Keith Pennywort is a character introduced in God Eater 3. He is an Adaptive God Eater that belongs to the port of “Pennywort”, and Zeke's biological younger brother. Keith was drafted into the Pennywort AGE program not long after his brother was. Unfortunately, as he'll readily tell you himself, he's absolute garbage as a God Eater. What he has a knack for is engineering, and once the Hounds make it out of Pennywort, he quickly proves himself as an incredibly valuable mechanic aboard the Chrysanthemum, taking care of the Hounds' God Arcs and generally helping to improve the crawler.




Keith Pennywort (14 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater belonging to Pennywort.

Identification Number: PW-01430
Authorized Ash Density Level: 2

Keith: 2

Keith Pennywort (14 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater.

Picked up when a large-scale Ash Storm formed near Pennywort, then granted sanctuary according to Ashland Navigation Law.

Note: Granted free access to limited section of the Chrysanthemum as a special case.

Keith: 3

Keith Pennywort (14 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater belonging to Chrysanthemum.

Born: August 6
Height: 160cm

Keith has proven himself to be a gifted engineer.
Foremost among his achievements is the adaptation of acceleration trigger technology, originally developed by another Port, for practical use. At present, he dedicates the vast majority of his time to analyzing Ash Aragami. He also maintains the combat personnel's equipment.

Keith: 4

Keith Pennywort (14 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater. 

He has been devoting himself to research and development in various fields for the estabilishment of the Hounds' new business. The new Adaptive Armor technology that he proposedhas grown into a large-scale project involving Dusty Miller, and he spends day and night engaged in discussions with the Port's owner, Ein.

Keith: 5

Keith Pennywort (14 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater.

By intergrating a structure found in Ash Storm Aragami Bias Factor into a specially adjusted P73-c Bias Factor, he was able to raise his Authorized Ash Density Level to the equivalent of Level 3 or higher. Although lacking in combat experience, the way he uses his vast knowledge of Aragami and God Arcs in battle is quite impressive, and he is expected to make great stride in the future.

God Arc: Short Blade/Assault Gun



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  • The name Keith might have been of Gaelic origin, meaning “the wind” or “wood”.

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