Kigurumi is a character introduced in God Eater 2. He/She does not appear in any story missions and always acts as a minor character.


Kigurumi is a mysterious Far East Branch New-Type God Eater who is recruitable in Free Missions, but strangely enough, he/she is never seen talking. Due to his/her misterious nature, some people (Erina and Kouta are the most obvious) are afraid of him/her.


God Eater Rage Burst 2

Kigurumi (?)

Joined the Fenrir **** Branch in 20**.

Born: Unknown, Height: Unknown

Assigned to: Unknown

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Kigurumi does not speak and only responds with ellipses, question marks, and exclamation marks when someone is trying to talk to him/her.


He/She wears a bunny suit, a variation of the bear suits you're able to craft in the game.

Character Relationships


  • Strangely, Kigurumi's Link Support Device always changes to the player's equipped device.
  • Kigurumi's name in Japanese refers to a large, wearable animal costume, reflecting on Kigurumi's external appearance.
  • Kigurumi's Character Episodes are unlocked after completing Chapter 6 (Act 1 of the main story). Kigurumi has been seen to read Animal magazines about dogs and cats in his/her Character Episode.
  • The GE2-exclusive Skills "Friendship" and "Dearest" can both apply to Kigurumi due to having no specified gender.
  • After completing it's Character Episodes, Kigurumi is able to use ground triangle Blood Art, Piercing Ray.
  • In God Eater 3, a Kigurumi doll can be seen on the top bunk of a double decker bed in the female cabin.

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