Battle Information

AI Behavior:
  • Low Survivability due to his Link-Aid.
  • Uses Restore Pills when low on Health.
  • Will gather to Player when alone, unless when encountered by enemy.
  • Stops shooting if Players get in the way of his line of fire.
  • Due to his flashy bullets, he tends to run out of OP.
Confirmed Skills:
  • (B) Gun Attack ↑
  • Self-Sacrifice
  • Muted
  • Oracle ↑ M
  • Oracle ↑ L
  • NPC: OP Recovery
  • Blaze: L-Type short-ranged Shot.
  • Freeze: L-Type short-ranged Shot.
  • Spark: L-Type short-ranged Shot.
  • Divine: L-Type short-ranged Shot.
  • Blaze: Unknown Bullet Formula Shot.
  • Freeze: Unknown Bullet Formula Shot.
  • Spark: Unknown Bullet Formula Shot.
  • Divine: Unknown Bullet Formula Shot.
  • Recovery: (As of GE2)
Consumable Items:
Pic Item Quantity
Icons Heal Restore Pill II x10
Icons Heal Restore Pill S x5

God Arc Information

Blade Shield Gun
22 mousyblow.jpg
No Blade
No Shield
Mousy Blow
Assault Type


Action/State Speech/Line
Start Mission Alright, let’s go!
Standby (Idle) Why don’t I go check things out?
Misfire at Ally Woah! Sorry!
Aragami Bullet

Take this!

Try this for size!

Link Burst received

Leave it to me!


Self Heal

Woah. Pretty harsh.


After Stun Grenade Now!
Out of OP I’m out of bullets!
Out of Items I’m out of items!
Healed Sorry man.
Status Effect

Hey! Time out...

What a drag...

Block Successful Woah!


They’ve got me!


Ally Incapacitated


I’ve gotta do something!

Head to Link Aid Wait!
Link Aid Given

You okay?

You owe me one!

Link Aid Taken

Thank you!

You’re a lifesaver!

Respawn I’m not giving up!
Action: Attract Leave it to me!
Action: Fight Along I’ll back you up, no problem!
Action: Follow I’ve got your back.
Action: Search I’m gonna go take a look around.
Action: Gather I’ll be right there.
Respond to Command Gotcha.
Perform: Search OK I’ll go take a look.
Perform: Disperse We’re retreating?
Perform: Converge Gotcha. Let’s move out.
Perform: Gather Meetup later.
Gather Successful Here I am.
Action Failed Woah. No good, huh?
Tough Battle-1 It’s so powerful!
Tough Battle-2 (Out of time) Hey, we’re outta time!
Dying Enemy

Hey, we can beat this thing!

Take them all out at once!

Unbound Cells Alright!
Mission Cleared (General) We’ve managed to survive today too.
Mission Cleared: Easy Alrighty. We’ve nailed it this time too!
Mission Cleared: Tough That was pretty tough.
Standby After Mission Clear (Idle) I’m gonna watch Bugarally when I get home.
Mission Failed Crap.
Mission Failed (Incapacitated) Did I...mess things up for everyone?
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