Leila Theresia is a character introduced in God Eater Online. She is a Princess of a Country in Europe. She is a 2nd Generation God Eater with a petite appearance. She uses a Booster Hammer God Arc.

She is very haughty and does not speak to people whom she deems unworthy of her time. She became a God Eater as proof of her noble blood, and takes care of her appearance as a princess. She is called 'princess' or o-hime-sama by some of the other characters.

She seems to have private influence with the Branch Director due to influence of her father, who has a lot of power within Fenrir, which is known to Godot and Karena. The Director is very subservient to her.

In her country, dolls that are damaged are considered bad luck and will curse the people who carry them.

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