When I work on a God Arc. I can tell how it got its scratches. Whether they're from a God Eater protecting his comrades, or from losing his nerve and fleeing.

Licca Kusunoki (Rikka Kusunoki, in Japanese version) is a character introduced in God Eater Burst that reappeared in God Eater 2. She is a member of the God Arc Maintenance Crew.


God Eater Burst

Licca is a female mechanic of the God Arc Maintenance crew. While the Protagonist's God Arc was damaged during the second story, she was attacked by a Vajratail (Spark) at Fenrir's base. This prompted the protagonist to use Lindow's God Arc to protect her. She shows concern for the protagonist but is grateful for the action.

God Eater 2

Licca returns in God Eater 2, this time as the head of the Link Support Device development team. Licca mentions to the Protagonist that her father was involved in some way with the base idea -- though Fenrir HQ disapproved of the effort.


God Eater Burst

Licca Kusunoki (18)
Joined Fenrir Far East Branch in 2069.

A mechanic who has worked in the God Arc Maintenance Unit at Fenrir Far East Branch, since her days at Kuromatsu High School.

Officially assigned 2 years ago, she already has more than 5 years of experience as crew member.

Her late father was also a Fenrir engineer who she has taken after.

God Eater 2


Licca has a very positive demeanor.


God Eater Resurrection

Licca has short gray hair, and wears a pair of red goggles also has grease stains in each cheek. She wears a gray tank top and a blue overall but letting loose the upper part, a pair of black and yellow security boots and a pair of security gloves of the same color.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst

Her hair grew longer and tied in ponytail. She wears shorter tank top and her overalls is no longer loose apart from one side. She also have grease stain on only one cheek.

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  • Her favorite drink is iced curry.

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