Lulu Baran is a character introduced in God Eater 3. She is an Adaptive God Eater that belongs to the port of “Baran” located in the Ashlands.


Lulu is an AGE from Port Baran who faces the protagonist and others at the Ashlands. She’s a subject of “Acceleration Trigger,” a God Eater combat support system that is being developed in Baran. She’s said to have high mobility and the ability to easily take out enemies. She’s been an AGE since a young age, and has been on numerous missions. She has no relatives.



Lulu Baran (19 years old)
An adaptive God Eater.

Found stranded in the Ashlands, she was picked up and granted sanctuary according to Ashlands Navigation Law.

The following is her Baran registry information:
Identification Number: BN-03792
Authorized Ash Density Level: 3
Note: This information was compiled from testimony by Lulu herself.

Lulu: 2

Lulu Baran (19 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater belonging to the Chrysanthemum.

Born: January 15, Height: 170 cm
God Arc: Biting Edge/Sniper Gun
The Hounds' top scout and tracker. Her highly mobile hit-and-run fighting style sows confusion among her enemies.

Lulu : 3

Lulu Baran (19 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater belonging to the Chrysanthemum.

Born: January 15, Height: 170 cm
God Arc: Biting Edge/Sniper Gun
In addition to taking on all combat reconnaissance duties for the Hounds, she is also using her superb tracking abilities to assist Keith in his investigations into Aragami biology.
According to her, "I have gazed into the sleeping face of every Ashborn I've met."

Lulu : 4

Lulu Baran (19 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater belonging to the Chrysanthemum.

In order to facilitate the establishment of the Hounds' own Oracle technology, she has been collecting various materials ranging from Aragami cores to cell tissue, especially those of the Ashborn. There is the earnest hope that the collected materials may harbor the solution to the food and energy problems facing every Port, and further analysis is being carried out.
God Arc: Biting Edge/Sniper Gun

Memory Data

1) After finishing my training at Baran, I was quickly sent to a number of battlefields. The world outside was more beautiful than I had imagined. It's ironic that becoming a pawn of Baran allowed me to see such wonders.

2) My master was taciturn. Once I was an AGE for Baran, he taught me only how to live as a soldier. As a tool. That might be why I lasted longer than my fellows and wasn't disposed of for so long.

3) Missions for Baran were always extremely brutal. Some squads would send you out regardless of broken limbs or bruised organs. Only my master would make sure we were in good shape before deploying us. I was so eager to prove my worth that this treatment often irritated me.

4) On a mission through unexplored territory one day, the ash level suddenly shot up and we were attacked by several large Aragami that wiped out our team. Only my master and I survived. I was angry and saddened by his lack of emotion at the loss of our comrades, but I couldn't express my feelings.

5) At camp, my master made me what he considered to be oden. But the ingredients weren't cooked through and sauce smelled something like ditch water. I knew it was like oden, but it wasn't oden. It was so bad I had to complain, and it was the first time I saw my master embarassed.

6) It was always so strange to me. My master trained so many students and lost them as comrades in battle. How could he be so detached? Did he have any feelings at all? I desperately wanted to find out. I'd make him the best oden he'd ever tasted and then ask him.

7) The effectiveness of the prototype acceleration trigger was incredible. My body moved on its own with frightening speed. But the reaction made me feel like my limbs were being pulled off. By the time the Aragami were eliminated, I was barely conscious.

8) I wondered what made my master so strong. Was it because he killed his feelings and bevame simply a weapon? I sometime believed that was the case. But I was wrong. He remembered his fallen students and comrades more than anyone, and those memories allowed him to keep going forward.



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  • 'Lulu' is a name of Arabic origin meaning ‘pearl’ while 'Baran' is a surname from Poland and Slovakia that means ‘ram’.
  • Lulu is capable of cooking dishes of different origins, including Japanese, Western, Chinese, ‘or anything in between’, according to one of the lobby dialogues with Claire.

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