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Marguerite Claverie is a deuteragonist in God Eater: Those Who Break Taboo and a supporting character in God Eater -the 2nd break-. She was a former mechanic of the special Asasoru unit and later a God Eater.


Those Who Break Taboo

After the events of Taboo, Marguerite became false Killed-In-Action fugitives with her childhood friend Geese and was forced to seek asylum in the passing Friar base where the two were able to obtain Bias Factor supplies for Geese's God Eater diet. In order to pay back their benefactors, Marguerite was made a God Eater and Geese volunteered participation in God Arc Soldier riding experiments, since he did not have his God Arc with him. During one of the God Arc Soldier experiments, Geese disappeared. Marguerite was rejected answers to his disappearance so she escaped the Friar to find him.

-the 2nd break-

Information about a God Arc Soldier transport site eventually led Marguerite to Nemos Diana where she was provided care for injuries and allowed to stay in Nemos Diana in exchange for her powers.  She served as an Oracle resource for Nemos Diana's anti-Aragami walls and as the place's defensive God Eater while waiting for the appearance of the God Arc Soldiers. Sometime between her escape and Marguerite's encounter in the red rain caused her to contract the Black Plague which was kept unknown from the Nemos Diana inhabitants. After Alisa Amiella gained Fenrir's assistance in helping Nemos Diana, Marguerite was left in the care of the Nemos Diana's infirmary.

God Eater 2 / God Eater 2 Rage Burst

No mention of Marguerite or Geese is made. However, the God Arc Soldiers which were in preliminary testing stages during -the 2nd break- are now used in actual combat.

Her fate after the clearing of the red rain and the Black Plague stigma are currently unknown.


She initially has a cheerful personality but becomes aloof and depressed after Geese Crimson's disappearance.


In Taboo, Marguerite has long hair but cuts it short when she flees the Friar.

While in Nemos Diana in -the 2nd break-, she wore a cloak over her regular clothes.

Character Relationships


  • The name Marguerite is taken from the Marguerite flower.
  • She wears a ring, a present from Geese, on her left hand's ring finger, indicative of their recent intimate relationship.