Moon In The Welkin is a mission in God Eater Burst. This Mission serves as the first mission of Rank 3, and story-telling-wise it is one of the most important missions in the game.

Before Mission

The mission launches like any normal mission, and also is the first mission where the Protagonist must defeat a Vajra. In the process, he is accompanied by Soma, Sakuya and Kota. However, unbeknownst to them is the fact that Lindow and Alisa had also been deployed in the area, with orders to "wrap things up" in the Old Church, in his own words.


Seemingly after defeating the Vajra, both groups find each other at the Old Church and, after a few moments of confusion and bewilderment, Lindow and Alisa go inside the church, the rest of the group staying outside and guarding the place. Almost as they entered it, an ice, female Vajra enters as well. While Lindow was fighting it, Alisa's old trauma, combined with the mind control she was subject to as part of the plot the Director Schiksal had created to kill Lindow, led her to aim her gun at him, with the intent to shoot and kill him. She was about to shoot him when she remembered the words he he had told her earlier ("When things get chaotic, look up at the sky..."). Conflicted, Alisa's mind collapses almost completely, causing her to miss her shot and trap Lindow in the Old Church instead of killing him. This causes the Protagonist and Sakuya to come inside, wondering what's going on. Meanwhile, in the outside, the rest of the group was surrounded by a pack of the icy Aragami, and a fight ensued. Sakuya tries to convince Lindow on the commlink to let her fight with him, but he commmands everyone to return to the Den, with the Protagonist carrying Alisa.

Not long after Lindow defeats the Prithvi Mata, he is seen smoking while a black Aragami enters to the isolated part of the church he was in. Lindow seemingly shows no interest, and claims "Can't you let me rest for a second? I can't go on like this." Despite his words, he throws the cigarette away and heads to fight with the beast.


  • In rank 10 and challenge rank, there are several missions that (partially) share the name with this particular one. In most of the cases, the opponent(s) is a Vajra variant of some kind, with the exception of the mission "True Moon In The Welkin", in which the player must defeat a Corrosive Hannibal.
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