Namhaid Nuada is an Aragami introduced in God Eater 3.

A counter-adaptive type of the base Aragami Nuadha, Namhaid Nuadha is able to summon electricity and use thunderbolt energy to unleash strong, high-range attacks.When activated, its agility increases and it unleashes devour attacks. Following a Burst, its electricity-covered right arm grows and it rampages the battlefield using even stronger lightning attacks.


The following information can also be found via descriptions of the Aragami found in the NORN Terminal's database.

God Eater 3

An Adaptive Aragami that wields fell lightning.
Encountered in Level 3 Restricted Ash Zones.

This Aragami has been observed to call up storm clouds, then use the electrically charged air to strike wide areas with deadly lightning.

The source of this Ashborn's immense power is thought to be electricity stored in its aureole, so just like with Nuadha, breaking it should greatly weaken the monster's strenght. Aim to do this before it can cause to much damage.

-Summary of Activated Abilities/Devour Attacks
Its agility increases, and it focuses on using devour attacks. Reports have confirmed that, just like the Nuadha, it will leap at targets to devour them. After Bursting, it grows a right arm that crackles with electricity, enabling it to launch wilder electric attacks.

Breakable Bonds: Left Arm/Aureole/Legs

Additional Information

Aragami found in Assault Missions "Operation Royal Right" and "Operation Restribution"

For battle information check the Advanced Information page.


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