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Nazomeiku is a small sized Aragami introduced in God Eater Resonant Ops during Mystery Halloween event
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The following information is taken from the official in-game descriptions of the Aragami found in the GE:REO's database.

God Eater Resonant Ops
A rare aragami that was discovered based on the reports from Far-East Branch. Although it has flight capability, it's body structure is closer to a plant, and what looks like to be an eye and  a mouth on it's body is actually an epidermis that has changed due to mimicry. Because this aragami has a mysterious form and it's origin cannot be explained by existing theories, it was named "Nazomeiku / Nazomake"

It has been confirmed to be capable of creating explosions as well as regenerate itself  during a process similar to  photosynthesis, still there's too many unclear informations at this stage, so when dealing with this aragami, please proceed with huge caution..

Additional Information
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Battle Information

  • Inflict AoE Nazo-death (5 turn instant death) at the beginning of the battle
  • Nazo-death can be dispelled
  • Nazo-death instant death effect will go through Kate's Limit
  • When it's special bar is full, Nazomeiku create explosion that turns everyone HP to 1 (including himself), then heal everyone. However the explosion will instantly kill any unit without Nazo-death debuff.
  • When dealt enough damage, Nazomeiku might cast dispel to remove Nazo-death on player party.
  • Very weak to venom. Venom debuff at turn 3 will kill Nazomeiku at the end of turn 5.


  • Nazomeiku is the original new aragami introduced in God Eater Resonant Ops during Mystery Halloween Event.
  • It was created by fan for GEREO design contest.
  • It's name came from word "謎" (Nazo), which means "Mystery"
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Explosion attack

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GEREO - ナゾメイク討伐 - vs ナゾメイク (Nazomeiku)-0

GEREO - ナゾメイク討伐 - vs ナゾメイク (Nazomeiku)-0


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