Neal Pennywort is a character introduced in God Eater 3. He is an Adaptive God Eater and a member of the Crimson Queen, and Zeke's and Keith's biological brother. Neal was drafted into the Pennywort AGE program not long after his brother was. Unfortunately, he was sold to another port, at some point in time he joins Crimson Queen.



Neal Neal Pennywort(15 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater belonging to Crimson Queen

While being transferred to Gleipnir, he was attacked by an Ash Aragami nickname the AGE Eater and stranded. Afterwards, he was picked up by the Chrysanthemum and offered sanctuary.

Neal: 2

Neal Pennywort (15 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater.

Neal wandered the Ashlands after the destruction of Crimson Queen until he was discovered and picked up by the Ash Crawler Dusty Miller. Although his injuries were not fatal, severe exhaustion of both body and mind had taken its toll. He is recuperating in the Dusty Miller's medical facility now, and will remain there for the foreseeable future.

Neal: 3

Neal Pennywort (15 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater.

Engaged in a short-term contract with Dusty Miller. Because of his extremely high ash resistance, he was selected for the Ash Storm Aragami operation. His Authorized Ash Density Level is estimated to be at Level 5 or higher.
God Arc: Variant Scythe/Sniper Gun

Old Management Information
Identification Number: PW-01437
Special Note: Aptitude Test Grade A

Neal: 4

Neal Pennywort (15 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater.
Engaged in a short-term contract with the Chrysanthemum.
Birthday: Nov. 24  Height: 160 cm

Following the Ash Storm Aragami operation, he decided to stay at Port Chrysanthemum. He has great potential as an AGE and, because of his remarkable tactical acumen, is expected to be the ship's second ace after Protagonist.
A well-rounded God Eater specializing in offense.
God Arc: Variant Scythe/Sniper Gun

Memory Data

Memory Data: Neal
For (Player Name's) eyes only

If I could just live with my family in peace, that would be enough. Safe, not hurting anyone, smiling every day. That would've been enough. Being here with a power I never wanted crushed that dream.

Memory Data: Neal 2
For (Player Name's) eyes only

There was someone with the same power as me at Pennywort. That person must've had a lot more willpower than me. I don't hate them... but if we'd met, maybe things would have been different.

Memory Data: Neal 3
For (Player Name's) eyes only

Even in the depths of hell, I found friends. Cheerful, kind and full of shining hopes. I want to keep them safe. I want to stay with them. The more I feel the desire to live on, the more power they give them.

Memory Data: Neal 4
For (Player Name's) eyes only

But just as there was still hope in that hell, despair came to swallow it all. My friends returned to dust, and I felt that I was doomed to the same fate. I had given up on everything. But again a single ray of hope saved me.

Memory Data: Neal 5
For (Player Name's) eyes only

The Crimson Queen. Torn apart from my family, bereft of friends again and again. I had finally arrived at a place that felt like home. Working towards his dream of a utopia in the middle of the Ashlands. Werner showed us hope constantly.

Memory Data: Neal 6
For (Player Name's) eyes only

The Crimson Queen was wiped out in an all-out war against Gleiphnir. Werner and many of my dear friends were captured and killed, It was all I could do to hold back my rage. I just wanted to live with my family, but even that tiny dream was grounded into the earth. I grew afraid of wanting anything again.

Memory Data: Neal 7
For (Player Name's) eyes only

The Miracle of Ervasti liberated my comrades at the Crimson Queen. I Mourned the loss of Werner. I raged heavily at having my family stolen. How do I fill this hole in my heart? I don't know. I don't have an answer... but I know Werner would press on.

Memory Data: Neal 8
For (Player Name's) eyes only

Ever since I was a kid. I've been separated from friends and family time and time again. Even so, I still feel the connections between us, and I want to keep them all safe. I'll continue to guard the people I love, both for them and for those who've stayed at my side.



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The names of his weapon and gun are in reference to Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky".

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