Nemain is a Medium sized Aragami introduced in God Eater 3. It prefers close combat, but when found on long range it can perform a chain of lunging stabs up to four times in a row, unless it can hit a target.


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God Eater 3

A bizarre mid-sized Aragami that looks like a cross between a knight and a crow.

A Nemain is extremely agile and can cover ground in the blink of an eye by beating the wings on its head. While the claws on its arms are not as dangerous as they look, wounds from repeated and relentless charge attacks can become fatal.

Break the bonds on its head wings to slow its charges, making dodging attacks easier.

-Summary of Activated Abilities
All muscles in its body become augmented, increasing its charge speed and attack.

Breakable Bonds: Cephalic Wings/Arms/Legs

Additional Information

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Nemain preparing for an attack

Nemain Downed

Nemain and Fallen Nemain side by side

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