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Nemus Diana, the "Forest of the Goddess," is a human settlement far away from known residences.  Red Rain falls here often, which has led to the population's fear of the Black Plague. This settlement appears in the God Eater -the 2nd break- manga and is mentioned in the NORN Terminal Database in certain character profiles.


The people of Nemus Diana are originally people who were left out of the Fenrir residential areas and developed anti-Fenrir sentiments as a result. Nachi Ashihara was one of these people and originally worked as an Aegis Fenrir engineer, a position which let him steal Oracle supplies and build an armored anti-Aragami wall around the settlement. When the theft was discovered and the supply halted, the leaders of Nemus Diana managed to find a new Oracle resource by holding captive and using Marguerite Claverie as a replacement. After Alisa Amiella and Soma Schicksal helped come to an agreement with Nachi on the future of the settlement and had the Far East Branch provide therefor, Marguerite was released from captivity and kept in care in the infirmary of Nemus Diana due to her Black Plague infection. In God Eater 2, Satsuki mentions the Satellite Base project being supported by Nachi.

Additional Information

  • Yuno Ashihara and Satsuki come from this settlement.
  • Yuno's father and grandfather, Nachi Ashihara and Yakumo Ashihara, were born here.