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Nergal is an original large sized Aragami introduced in God Eater Resonant Ops during The Beast and The Warriors of the Mirror World event which is a collaboration event between GEREO and Tales of the Rays.
Norn Database

The following information is taken from the official in-game descriptions of the Aragami found in the GE:REO's database.

God Eater Resonant Ops
An aragami with two gigantic horns. It's a new species of unknown origin recently discovered in the vicinity of the satellite base in the northern part of the Fenrir headquarters.

The spikes growing from its arms and shoulder shaped like a blade and used by this aragami as main offensive weapon. It has unique tendency of pursuing people with special powers and has reported to persistently chasing the target it marked, although the further details are unknown

When enraged, the property of its flesh changes dramatically and capable of nullify attacks of certain property. It's recommended to have more than one attribute at your attack disposal to deal with this matter..

ATK Type: Sunder, Divine

Weaknesses : Pierce, Freeze

Additional Information

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Battle Information

  • Nergal is an aragami designed for colab event with low difficulty, it should pose no problem for even newbie, although the current level of unreleased Shin-Nergal is still unknown
  • During rage mode and after threshold, it increase its own ATK, yet debuffing its own DEF at the same time
  • When enraged, it enters defensive mode. In this mode, any Blaze / Spark attribute damage dealt to Nergal will be reduced to 1


  • Nergal name came from a deity from ancient Mesopotamia
  • It's an aragami designed for colab event between GEREO and Tales of the Rays
  • It's also the first aragami that has to be fought with fixed party

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Norn Database

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Entering Defense Mode

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GEREO - 禍獣と鏡界の戦士たち - vs ネルガル

GEREO - 禍獣と鏡界の戦士たち - vs ネルガル

Nergal - with fixed Tales party

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