In God Eater Burst, Nova is the huge Aragami, nurtured by Johannes von Schicksal, that is said to be capable of devouring the entire world in an event known as the Devouring Apocalypse (終末飽食 shūmatsu hōshoku "Final Predation"). To unleash such an event, it needs to absorb the Singularity that is present in Shio's core. However, when this happens, Shio's consciousness dominates the huge Aragami and takes it to the moon instead, saving most of mankind (and other life forms) from extinction, and filling the moon with life in the process.


  • Scientifically, a Nova is a thermonuclear explosion that happens in the event that a white dwarf star accumulates excessive amounts of hydrogen in its surface, because of having a nearby evolved star. The dwarf then proceeds to fuse the hydrogen it just recently acquired, resulting in a cataclysmic cosmic explosion.
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