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Noticeable/Attribute Differences:
  • Uses ice instead of poison. Inflicting leak instead of venom. Elemental weaknesses change from Blaze & Divine to Spark & Divine.
  • As Nuadha Erie is an Ashwrought, orange crystals will appear around its body. Its body has a darker look and there are small parts of its body that are also yellow-orange.
  • Its headpiece design is different compared to both Nuadha and Namhaid Nuadha, giving off a more sinister look.
  • Its Aureole emits a blue aura, representing the element it is using. Wing-like parts are also seen on the sides of the aureole unlike Nuadha’s and Namhaid Nuadha’s aureoles.
  • Nuadha Eire's Head and Legs are more vulnerable to attack than the other Nuadhas. It's head is an addtional weakpoint to pierce bullets at all times.
  • Burst Nuadha Erie’s Punch of the King is different than the other two Nuadhas as it takes a while for it to prepare before punching and that its right arm will burst into gigantic icicles.

Blade Attacking Tips:

Short Blade

  • Short Blade’s fast speed and boosted aerial mobility can be useful against Nuadha Eire’s slower speed. As its legs are more prone to breaking compared to the other Nuadha variants, you can focus on its legs. However, the best part to aim for would be the left arm as it is a weakspot to short blade’s 50:50 Slash-Pierce damage ratio. The aureole should be paid attention later on when Eire is enraged as it will be a weakspot and breaking it will reduce its attack damage.

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • Gale Dance is a simple and powerful option against Nuadha Eire, dealing high amounts of damage when hitting Eire’s left arm.
  • Specht with a spark or divine short blade or the Lightning Storm or Divine Wrath Engages works well against Nuadha Eire as its elemental damage bonus can boost the process in breaking its legs, as well as dealing high amounts of damage.
  • Downed damage boosting Burst Arts such as Stinging Flare, Scorpion and Lightning Scourge helps in breaking bonds more quickly when Eire is downed by dealing high amounts of damage per hit.
  • Dead End can deal reliable damage to Nuadha Eire when hitting its defensive parts, as well as making a short work of its legs due to its armor piercing. Note that consistent armor piercing hits can lead to Eire being enraged right after it summons its ice sculpture.
  • Scwalbe and Whirling Death are mobility options that help you control your distance from Nuadha Eire depending on the situation.
  • Licht Kreuz is a safe attacking option as it does high damage while retreating at the same time to avoid Nuadha Eire’s attacks. However, its damage is overshadowed by Rampaging Comet’s weakpoint hits.
  • Rampaging Comet can decimate Nuadha Eire, taking advantage of its numerous weakspots when enraged.

Long Blade

  • The best weapon to deal with the ice sculpture due to having Oracle-Type damage from Impulse Edge. It also has balanced stats that make it easy for you to maintain your ground. As it deals Slash damage, your main focus is to aim fro its left arm as it is one of the most vulnerable parts. When Eire is enraged, aim for its softened aureole as much as possible to weaken it via bond breaking.

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • As the Ice sculpture is weak to gunfire, any Impulse Edge Burst Art will serve you well in destroying it as it spawns in as long as you have a decent amount of OP. Flames of Purgatory will give you crush damage options, as well as dealing massive damage to Nuadha Eire once it’s downed. Shining ray allows you to destroy the crystal from a safe distance and strike Nuadha Eire from further away, while Gunner's Paradise lets you be a bit more flexible with your OP due to it's reduced cost. The Shockwave Burst Plugin/BCU will reduce the OP cost of these and can be a great asset.
  • Sacred Edge with a Spark/Divine long blade or the Lightning Storm/Divine Wrath Engage works well against Nuadha Eire, especially when it’s enraged as its left arm and aureole(enraged) hits deal heavy damage.
  • Void Cutter can aid in piercing Nuadha Eire’s hard parts such as its legs and unbound aureole when it isn’t enraged.
  • Whirlwind Blade plays an effective role in regaining OP as quickly as possible, making the Impulse Edge based Burst Arts more viable options.
  • Flashing Blade is effective for destroying Nuadha Eire’s legs as it deals high enough damage per hit due to their lesser resistance compared to Nuadha’s legs.
  • Apsara Wings aid in getting you back to aerial combat, which can be effective when breaking its left arm and aureole.

Buster Blade

  • Buster Blades can be used reliably against Nuadha Eire due to its slower speed. As its aureole is the least resistant to crush, Buster Blade users can focus on said part to weaken the Aragami considerably. Its left arm remained the weakest part to Buster Blades, making Parrying Uppers a primary weapon as you can position yourself near its left arm to damage it through your parries. As Nuadha Eire summons its ice sculpture, you can prepare a Charge Crush to destroy it more quickly.

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • Parrying Upper Burst Arts such as Adrenaline Rush and Anathema work well against Nuadha Eire when parrying attacks that may lead to its left arm being wide open. As Anathema pierces armor, it can be used against its legs too.
  • Overkill can provide a huge boost against Nuadha Eire either by hitting its ice sculpture or itself as the ice sculpture summoning process can leave it wide open for long enough for Overkill to be fully charged. If your Buster Blade is strong enough, you can instantly destroy the ice sculpture with it.
  • Crazy Stride is a useful Burst Art to be used when breaking its ice sculpture as you can charge safely outside of the area where the sculpture can damage you.
  • Buster Blast’s super armor helps in destroying the ice sculpture more reliably as you won’t have to worry about interruptions from getting damaged.
  • Nemesis is a powerful option to use against Nuadha Eire due to its armor piercing. Note that armor piercing hits can enrage Eire more quickly, which will cause it to activate right after it summons its ice sculpture if you equip a multi-hitting Burst Art Effect.
  • Sky Cleaver with either a spark or divine Buster Blade or the Lightning Storm or Divine Wrath Engages is a great choice due to its quicker speed as well as having a high damage output.
  • Deadly Glide can be used reliably against an enraged Nuadha Eire as it can deal very high damage from the weakpoint bonus when landing hits on its aureole.
  • Dividing Edge can deal massive damage towards Nuadha Eire when it’s downed.
  • Spinning Break can offset the leak or fatal leak debuff Eire inflicts as it has high OP absorption.

Boost Hammer

  • WIP

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • WIP

Charge Spear

  • WIP

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • WIP

Variant Scythe

  • WIP

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • WIP

Biting Edge

  • WIP

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • WIP

Heavy Moon

  • WIP

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • WIP

Gun Attacking Tips:


  • WIP
  • Nuadha Eire's Head is weak to Pierce Bullets at all times, whereas it is only weak to melee when enraged. As such. Raw piercing bullets aimed at Nuadha Eire's Head can prove effective.
  • The Ice Sculpture is considered a part of Nuadha Eire so Lasers will not pierce through and hit both Nuadha Eire and the crystal if both are in the line of fire


  • WIP


  • WIP
  • The Head and Enraged Aureole join Nuadha's existing weakpoints to exploit for Sniper Criticals. Giving Nuadha Eire 5 weakpoints to exploit for Sniper Criticals. These are: The Head, (enraged) Aureole, Broken Left arm along with the Right arm and Core in burst


  • WIP


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Status Resistances:

Condition Resistance Increase Duration

Enraged Effects

Rage Indicator

  • As an Ashwroght, Nuadha Eire will release high density Oracle Cells when enraged. These steadily heal itself, all God Eaters HP and OP as well as any other Aragami on the map. This last as long as it is enraged but can be disrupted by binding it.
  • Nuadha Eire's Aureole and head defence drops and it becomes a Weakpoint for the duration of the activation.
  • In the same vein as the other Ashwroughts, Nuadha Eire's eyes will glow in purple flames when Enraged.

Unbounding Tips:

Left arm

  • Eire’s left arm has the same resistance as Nuadha’s, albeit having a slight change in elemental weaknesses. Being a weakspot for slash and pierce weapons, Burst Arts amplifying weakpoint damage are useful for breaking the arm quickly. Crush damage dealers or gunners can still break the arm fairly quickly as it still has lower resistance levels for those damage types.


  • Nuadha Eire’s aureole is the toughest to break out of all the Nuadha types when it’s not enraged, making armor piercing Burst Arts a useful asset for breaking it. Once it’s enraged, it becomes vastly weaker, granting many opportunities for you to break them quickly. Due to the aureole being a weakspot when Eire is enraged, Burst Arts boosting weakpoint damage can decimate the aureole very quickly. Like any other Nuadha variants, broken aureoles spell weakened attack power. To sum it up, Eire has the biggest power decrease out of all the variants, with a 40% power decrease (which is twice as much as its other variants, being a 20% decrease).


  • Compared to the rest of the Nuadha family, Nuadha Eire's legs are significantly less defensive and remain the safest area to hit on the ground. Slash and crush have a slight advantage over pierce but nothing too significant. While the left arm is more vulnerable and easier to break, going for the legs will help in securing an additional downing.

Normal Attacks:

  • Summon Ice Sculpture: Nuadha Eire holds it's arm in front of it, bending it upwards and will summon an Ice sculpture after a few seconds of charging. This ice sculpture will deal area of effect damage every 5 seconds that inflicts leak on hit. (it's range is indicated by an icy circle around it) until it is destroyed by God Eaters, Nuadha Eire devouring it or the sculpture simply expiring after about 1 minute. The sculpture will emit a flame-like aura if it stays for long enough, which will be an indicator to show that Nuadha Eire can regain massive amounts of HP if it manages to devour it. Nuadha Eire will always open fights with this action.
  • Slap Combo - Nuadha moves forward while slapping its targets in front of it 3 to 4 times.
  • Swipe - Nuadha swipes its targets that were too close to it away with a swipe from its left hand.
  • Half-Spin Swipe - Nuadha rotates 180 degrees while trying to swipe its targets that were within its hand’s proximity.
  • Stunning Growl - Nuadha unleashes a shockwave with its growl, dealing damage to nearby targets. Inflicts Stun.
  • Frozen Pillars - Nuadha prepares itself for a huge slam to the ground with its left arm. A short while after the hand hits the ground, pillars of Ice will emerge from the ground around it in a circular fashion.
  • Titanic Slam - Nuadha jumps towards its targets, slamming them as it lands on the ground.
  • Ruinous Shards - Nuadha spits Ice from its mouth, leaving powerful chunks of Ice on the ground that will linger for a short period of time. Inflicts leak on hit.
  • Shoulder Charge - Nuadha charges towards it's target at a distance, tackling with it's left shoulder.
  • Double Stomp - Nuadha stands in place and stomps both of it's feet one after the other. Has a fairly long opening afterwards.
  • Icy Wave - A low health attack. Nuadha quickly slams its left hand to the ground, causing pillars of Ice to erupt in front of it.

Devour Attack:

  • Hands of Ruin - Nuadha’s left hand will release concentrated oracle cells in a form of numerous small dark red hands. It will then jump on its chosen target up to 4 times if they are far enough from it. It will do a 360 degree turn if its target is close enough after jumping or after it jumps 4 times. It will stop after the spin, a perfect guard or a successful devour. If an Ice sculpture is present nearby, Nuadha Eire will target that first. This will heal a large amount of it's HP if it devours the sculpture successfully (The HP recovery will only take effect if the sculpture has a flame-like effect surrounding it. Otherwise, it will go Burst Mode without the massive HP recovery) and it will change targets on the next jump if the sculpture is destroyed.

Burst Mode Attacks:

In Burst Mode, Nuadha will grow itself a larger right arm made from a collection of its tiny arms, coated with Ice. Its aureole will emit a more intense purple aura that signifies its increased strength. Most of its attacks will now inflict Fatal Leak

  • Punch of the Glacial King - Nuadha delivers a deadly punch with its right arm that extends beyond expected reach. It will stay in this position as chunks of Ice will grow out of it's right arm and detonate, leaving behind a numerous large balls of Ice where it once was. These will slowly home in on targets that get too close to them. Any part of this attack
  • Frigid Swipes - Like its normal counterpart, Nuadha Eire can swipe its targets in front of it with 3 to 5 deadly swipes with its right arm, inflicting leak to those in contact with it.
  • Frozen Combo of Ruin - Like its normal counterpart, Nuadha Eire will perform a combo starting from 4 punches with both its arms, before slamming the ground hard with its right arm. After a short while, ice pillars will erupt from the ground, its range radius even further than that of its normal Frozen Pillars attack. Right after the pillars erupted, ice will be thrown towards where its targets are standing, making it unsafe if they stay stationary.

Handling Attacks:

Summon Ice Sculpture

  • The creation of the Ice Sculpture is a solid opening to attack Nuadha Eire but if necessary, the creation of the Sculpture can be stopped by using Stun Grenades.
  • Since the ice sculpture won’t heal Nuadha Eire when it devours too quickly, try using Armor Piercing Burst Arts combined with a multi hitting Burst Art Effect such as Briar Patch to quickly activate it as soon as it already finishes making its ice sculpture (Rank level doesn’t matter). It will certainly perform a devour attack right after it activates. Eire may enter Burst Mode but its healing is prevented to the extend where its healing period is only when it is performing its devour attack. Even a free bond break is possible as Eire is wide open during the entire process of creating the sculpture up until it enters Burst.

Ruinous Shards:

  • Compared to Nuadha's Ruinous toxin, this attack is far deadlier as it deals significantly more damage and lingers to prevent blocking it in place. This attack can be dealt with in the same ways that ruinous toxin can.
  • Evasion is the safest method to deal with this attack. However, Dive Guards or Perfect Dive Guards are very effective as you can close in the distance between yourself and Nuadha and punish it with more attacks.
  • Nuadha Eire will often follow up this attack with Shoulder Charge if it's target is still far away so be ready to react to that.
Other Useful Tips:
  • WIP


Part Gun Blade Elemental
Crush Pierce Slash Crush Pierce Blaze Freeze Spark Divine
Head WIP 30 WIP WIP WIP - xx o o
Right Shoulder WIP WIP 65 85 70 - xx o o
Right Arm (Burst Only) 20 20 20 20 20 - xx o o
Left Arm 40 40 30 40 30 - xx o o
Left Arm (Broken) 20 20 20 20 20 - xx oo oo
Torso WIP WIP WIP WIP WIP - xx o o
Aureole WIP WIP 85 70 90 - xx o o
Aureole (broken) WIP WIP WIP WIP WIP - xx oo oo
Legs WIP WIP 45 45 55 - xx o o
Legs (broken) WIP WIP WIP WIP WIP - xx oo oo
Core (Burst Only) 0 0 0 0 0 oo oo oo oo
Crystal WIP WIP WIP WIP WIP - xx oo oo


Part Gun Blade Elemental
Crush Pierce Slash Crush Pierce Blaze Freeze Spark Divine
Head 30 30 30 30 30 - xx o o
Right Shoulder WIP WIP 65 85 70 - xx o o
Left Arm 40 40 30 40 30 - xx o o
Left Arm (Broken) 20 20 20 20 20 - xx oo oo
Torso WIP WIP WIP WIP WIP - xx o o
Aureole 30 30 30 30 30 - xx o o
Aureole (broken) 25 25 25 25 25 - xx oo oo
Legs WIP WIP 45 45 55 - xx o o
Legs (broken) WIP WIP WIP WIP WIP - xx oo oo
Crystal WIP WIP WIP WIP WIP - xx oo oo

Aragami Materials

The following is a list of all the materials that are available a rewards when this aragami is present in a standard mission. These can all be devoured from the appropriately ranked aragami and any material with the "Complete with 6+ endurance" acquisition condition are also available as bond break rewards.

Material Name Reward Rate Condition
Tissue 7 GE3.png Deva Vestment 44% Automatic
Armour Level 7 GE3.PNG Deva Manus 44% Automatic
Tissue 7 GE3.png Deva Vestment 25% Automatic
Armour Level 7 GE3.PNG Deva Manus 25% Automatic
Vial 7 GE3.png Nirvana Essence 3% Automatic
Material 7 GE3.png Deva Halo 25% Complete with 6+ endurance/ Aureole bond break reward
Armour Level 7 GE3.PNG Deva Rope 25% Complete with 6+ endurance/ Legs bond break reward
Armour Level 7 GE3.PNG Deva Palm 25% Complete with 6+ endurance/ Left Arm bond break reward
Vial 7 GE3.png Nirvana Essence 3% Complete within 10 minutes